Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The best Sega Commercials

Good old Sega Genesis brings back some great memories of playing Sonic the hedgehog and mortal kombat in the basement. However, now when I look back on it the commercials where absolutely enthralling and so here are some of the best Sega commercials of all time:

I heard Matt got a sega genesis and I guess one more wouldnt hurt commercial:

Nintendo Does what Nintendon't was a great ad campaign showing the great action sports games such as Jo Montana (a personal favorite) as well as boxing and pat rileys basketball game that really hit the spot with combo deals and at the time amazing 16bit graphics outdoing the NES's 8.

If your not playing sega genesis at (149.99) than your a giant loser:

the kid from the above commercial reminds me of the villain Lucas from my favorite arcarde movie "the wizard"

All in all sega kept me company for many lonely nights as a chiold and turned me onto nab jam when I learned what it meant to not be able to buy a bucket or how cool it was to be on fire. There commercial success was iconic and the saying at the end of their advertising campaign to this day still rings in my head and I even promoted them on 9/9/1999 with a presentation in biology class on why everybody should purchase a dreamcast. So good riddance to the console maker who makes great games still to this day and always will. Now where the hell our my batteries for the game gear?

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