Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fun Trivia Questions

Fun Trivia questions that I learned yesterday during trivia night that you might want to use to display your random wealth of knowledge:

The Porsche Cayenne Key fob is designed (flip key version) to slightly resemble the actually SUV itself.

What is the longest running movie series? Not national lampoons but rather James Bond with 23 films.

Who's ill fated 1981 marriage was televised to 1/6th of the world? Princess Diana and Charles.

What is the only letter in the english alphabet not used on the periodic table? The letter J not x q y or z

What television show starred red foxx as junk man? Sanford and Son

In the tv show Frazier who is the lady? Oh Daphne

New printers now use this carbon component? Toner

What does TSA stand for? Transportation Security Administration

What are the four corners in the game of monopoly? Go to jail, jail, free parking, go

What baseball player was named the georgia peach>? Tyrus Cobb

How many zip codes are there in the united states of america? There are 43,000 zip codes in the usa.