Tuesday, March 23, 2010

11 Great Scenes From the Nintendo Film the Wizard (80's Classic)

This is the film that set the stage for the rest of my life. The Wizard which was also known as Joy Stick heroes toured the west coast, sent me an angel, and showed us what gambling can be like in the "The Biggest Little City in the World. This really hit set the tone for my future well sort of I didn't end up becoming a video game nerd and work at a highly successful hedge fund but none the less. Since I saw this film in the early 90's it sent me on a tail spin to love California and the Cabazon Dinosaurs. Also this film really connected with me and all the other young video game lovers who just got so excited every time we saw this film for all of the memorable moments listed below. In fact I still get very excited in a No Holds Bar kind of way whenever I can catch this classic Fred Savage film. Also the classic Nintendo games presented errors on what the kids actual high scores were even though it was visible on the screen among many others make this worthy of a top 11 list:

11) The trailer I mean if you were a pre-pubescent boy and saw the preview for this Nintendo graced film than you pretty much experienced your first wet dream that night.

10) "HE TOUCHED MY BREASTS" The Wizard (Jimmy) is training to go to the videogame championship at an arcade when Jenny Lewis's character says it's too late the man hired to take Jimmy back home to Utah grabs him and she shouts and the police take him away, A true classic moment in pedophilia stoppage history.

9)I love the Power Glove it's So Bad.
The Power Glove Scene: When bad boy Lucas takes out the power glove plays Rad Racer man I loved that game and than Jimmy looks astonished and Haley and Corey say what is that???? Oh the memories and troubles we had actually trying to play with that power glove that followed really did not live up to the hype. One thing is for sure it really was bad and inaccurate so thank you Lucas for that.

9)Tobe McGuire's Appearance As if Elijah Wood's Video Game appearance in Back to the Future part 2 in 2015 wasn't cool enough for future actors of the 21st century the Wizard gave a small part to a future Spiderman in Tobe McGuire while he doesnt really speak you get to see him with out his spidey sense:

8)The Lucas Line:
If this isn't classic childs talk from the 90's heyday along with Lucas' awesome t-shirt that I used to have than I really do not know what is Quote below:
"Hey Lucas Man that was great your going to rip their Gizards out man. Yea yea dork lips make yourself useful and get me a cold drink"

7)Zelda: The Awkward Kiss
In Reno Corey is sitting on top of the trailer with Haley and pisses her off with an awkard move and Haley says There is No way I am kissing a boy but guess what? Our favorite Wonder Years character gets it. thanks to toad man 4 the vid:

6) A New Game That is so unfair they say they didn't say anything about a new game. Well guess what it was an awesome game in the premiere of Super Mario Brothers 3 but how did Jimmy know where the Warps where? Nintendo Power magazine perhaps?
5)Send Me an Angel - If this isn't Erasure's version well I apology because they are the ones getting credit and helping me to turn hundreds of my freshman college friends onto this song until the techno remix came out and DJ Tiesto let everybody know how awesome this song really is. So here is a tribute to you:

4) Waking up to play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -
When they are staying at the hotel because Sam Woods and His son Nick woods played by Christian Slater are trying to find their kids before Putnam does end up having trouble sleeping what do they result to? Playing TMNT 3 one of the hardest games of all time which to this day I still can't beat. Also wanted to mention that Christian Slater in this movie just felt like that cool older brother that we all wish we had. This scene also went to show that no matter what your age everybody loves video games and your never too old to play.

3) Spankey and the trip to Reno
As mentioned before this turned me onto the world of illegal gambling in which I later found out the Reno and Nevada state officials where very un easy about kids being near casino's and that is why the scene is shot outside. It's amazing how easily these kids made money playing craps and than Haley took too big of a cut from a big trucker named Spankey and he let it go. None the less the bright lights and the whole scene just lit up my imagination of glamor and glitziness unfortunately I have only made it to Las Vegas 3 times never yet to Reno.

2) The Universal Studios Ride the Movies chase
What a chase it was when Lucas rats out the kids to Putnam and than the kids run out and are told "to just Sit Down and Have Fun Damnitt" and than Jimmy shows up to play through some oddly placed elevator with seconds to spare. This is the number 2 reason that got me into the whole Cali Kick I mean seeing all the rides coming to life really was amazing and something I longed to see.

1) CALIFORNIA CALIFOOORNIAAA and the Cabazon Dinosaurs.

This is really what I refer to people when I talk about my love for Cali it's all about bayside high and Jimmy's interpretation of the Cabazon dinosaurs which are also shown in Tears for Fears video rule the world as well as Pee Wees big adventure (should I do a list for that?) Any who what Jimmy symbolizes Cali with is only different in the part where I think of beautiful blonde beach babes amusement parks, and the boardwalk but these Dinosaurs out in Palm springs off of I-10 really say it all for me.


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