Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why You Should Start a Home Based Business

Why start a home-based business?

Have you ever left the office after the sun’s gone down – only to wake up the next morning to trudge
back into your “9 to 5” corporate job?

If you have, you’ve probably also had the thought of leaving that life behind to be your own boss – and
to start your own business.

Perhaps if you were truly disgruntled – you maybe even looked into starting your own bakery, sports
store or clothing boutique – only to give up on your hopes and dreams of entrepreneurship due to high
overhead costs, inventory and a business plan that was a little more than murky.

And that’s when Monday rolled back around, and you grabbed your briefcase and coffee and went back
to the office.

A Better Way

Multitudes of new entrepreneurs are turning to direct selling, one of the oldest and most trusted
business models out there, to start their own businesses right from home. These network marketing
companies – or multi-level marketing (MLM) companies – are not scams or “pyramid schemes,” but are
in fact a chance for folks to start their own home-based businesses for just a low up-front investment.

From lotions and potions to vitamins and makeup, direct selling companies come in all shapes and sizes.
One company, ACN Inc. – whose World Headquarters is based in Concord, NC – offers a chance for
people to start an ACN business right from home, and ACN services are ones people can’t live without.

The ACN opportunity is one that doesn’t require any inventory – and it doesn’t even force consumers
to change their buying habits. ACN products are services most people already pay a bill for each month,
like phone service, internet, natural gas or electricity service, cell phones, a home security system and
others – and these are all available through ACN. The company even has its own ACN phone service,
digital phone service, which offers customers a low-cost way to replace their traditional phone line by
placing calls over the internet.

The way it works is simple: ACN independent business owners offer the people they know more choices
on the services they already need, use and probably refuse to live without – and then they get paid a
percentage of that customer’s monthly bill for as long as the customer remains on the service or for the
term of the contract.

And the company has received rave reviews. Founded in 1993, the company has a nearly two-decade
track record of success in direct sales and now operates in 23 countries on four continents. In addition,
the company has received the personal endorsement of Donald Trump and was featured twice on his
show, The Celebrity Apprentice.

Explore your options

So next time you have a case of the Monday blues, remember there’s a way to be an entrepreneur after
all. It’s food for thought at the very least, for the chance to be your own boss, to make your own hours –
and most importantly, to give up your cubicle for a chance to work right from home.