Monday, May 14, 2012

Denise Richards Connection to Emilio Estevez

Ready to play the wild five degrees of mind boggling Kevin Baconism today? Well this one will really get you. So the incredibly beautiful playboy model and Wild Things star Denise Richards had her very first film experience in Loaded Weapon 1.

Loaded Weapon was a national lampoons film which featured none other than Charlie Sheen's brother and Martin Sheen' son who goes by a different name, Emilio Estevez. Yes so Denise's first film starred her future ex-husbands brother before she ever knew him.

Rather odd right? Well it get's only a bit weirder but not that much. Kevin Bacon is the crooked cop who gets killed by Denise's character at the end of the film,

Talk about 5 degrees of separation?