Sunday, December 4, 2011

SMS Marketing

When it comes to SMS Marketing or mass text messaging it seems to be that this is the best new form of advertising and reaching your target demographics over the last 3 years. It appears to be that 98% of the united states population now has a cell phone or mobile phone.

Hell even my grandfather has a cell phone (not that he knows how to use it). As the world grows more and more people will start gravitating towards smart phones which will mean that everybody has a personal computer sitting in their pockets at all time.

Since emails are affective and so is direct mail many people are questioning why so many people are opting to text their target market instead of the other traditional forms of contact. The reason is that SMS marketing ventures work more efficiently since they can not avoid the message and can respond via a call back or text back with little to no effort.

So get used to getting those annoying texts that you didn't want to receive in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Definitely agree! I know people who use 2 mobiles each! And, almost everyone has one! SMS Marketing is a must in todays world. Added to it is that it is cost effective as there are so many SMS gateways offering attractive packages, don't see why anyone should not be using SMS marketing.