Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SMM - Social Media Marketing SMM

The future of the internet and the world is a term SMM much like how SEO was previously searched for and called search engine optimization before it became a household name like kitty litter, toshiba, sony, or pepsi.

SMM stands for Social Media Marketing and in the next 2-5 years we will see a dramatic rise on the amount of queries coming into Google or the top search engine at the time talking about this topic.

The reason for this future explosion and all of my readers here (all 4,982 of you) can put this blog post into a time capsule and see for yourself that in the given time frame the search data volume for the term "SMM" will be analagous to the current landscape of how SEO is searched for compared to it's volume for the term search engine optimization years ago.

So be on the look out and remember where you heard it first "SMM" at the one I got blog.


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