Sunday, December 4, 2011

Online Gambling

People are very afraid to link to sites that have to deal with Online Gambling and Pharma related products. My questions is why? I really could not tell you that there is truly proof that this affects the ranking of a website but if you are a bad neighborhood website than you can certainly expect to not have any good karma coming from linking out to a site that is promoting stuff that results in a negative enterprise and consumption for an individual.

If you check out informative articles however like this one about online gambling than you will find that there really is not anything bad that should affect the overall ranking of webpages around it that will be pointing to it but there is no guarantee about this since nobody knows for sure how Googles algorithm works as no one man, person, or being would be able to follow and keep up with something so very large and intense.

So don't be so afraid its only a rumor my fellow friends. Do whats right and step up to the plate with the real deal websites that add value to the world wide web as reincorporation is key.