Sunday, November 20, 2011

Luis Henrique Valente Soares

Luis Henrique Valente Soares is a very charitable individual whom I had the pleasure of meeting upon my last trip over to London, England. Luis has been an excelling entrepreneur and succesful business man for years and truly excels in the internet and technology field. With a half decade of experience tied in with software development skills and ties to digitial media tech. to help those fields pass on data to users thanks to Luis Henrique Valente Soares work.

If you are an individual with a tech idea that you are looking to get some Venture Capital behind than you very well may want to look into some of the best options outside of the United States of America with offerings from people like Luis Henrqiue Soares who has been a part of a lot of early stage investments, works with a lot of charities and went to Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.