Thursday, October 20, 2011

Unoccupy Wall Street

With all of the hype going on about occupying wall street, why hasn't there been an unoccupy wall street movement?

Here is why: The people doing this unjust and unruly occupance and demands are protesting not because they are smart but because they are ignorant, dumb, and oblivious to the world in which they live in. If they were smart than they would not be outside complaining that they do not have money but they would be working so that they do not complain.

If they dare to say WS took away all of the jobs from them than they do not understand the idea of working hard for what you get. I busted my ass to be where I am today and will continue to do so until the day I die. If they are too lazy to get a job even albeit low paying its a start. Go from there. Lazy people never prosper, its time to un occupy wall street with your bull shit and shenanigans.

The reason why there isnt a revolt from the street is because they are busy actually working and not protesting. Why dont we just call you guys greece.