Friday, October 28, 2011

Andrew Bartlett Midland Texas

Andrew Bartlett of Midland Texas is an owner of a construction company on the western TX. Panhandle. Since its inception which is coming up on its 11th year is

Andrew Bartlett from Midland, Texas started the company January of 2000. What started out as home building and dirt work has since grown into a thriving Oil Field Service Company. The popular AB logo is very well know in the permian basin as the guys who provide outstanding service. The Company has grown from building homes to constructing locations for oil companies to move their rigs onto as well as the lease roads traveled by all service companies. However the location building is just the begining, AB also provides Vaccume truck service which is used to haul water, both fresh and brine out to rigs. The latest addition to the AB brand is the casing inspection division. The casing division is also know as Bartlett Pipe Drifting. This division has been serving the permian basin since July Of 2011. Andrew Bartlett is very well known in the permian basin as a great business man. He started on his own at the age of 21 by flipping houses. He has come a long way from the days of flipping houses but still remains close to his roots. He is well know in the roping community as a good headed. He spends his free time with his wife and daughter, or taking care of his horses. Andrew currently employes over 40 people in the permian basin.
Andrew owns numerous pieces of rental equipment which he rents out to oil companies. He also owns part of GranTex Drilling which is a drilling company located in the permian basin. GranTex Drilling is a drilling company which currently has 2 rigs.