Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DVD Duplication

DVD Duplication

When it comes to copying one thing that may be obsolete in a few years I must say that I can not agree more that the streamlining possibilities provided by the cloud computing wave is certainly going to make a huge difference in the way we watch and download music, movies, and other forms of entertainment over the next few years.

Whether its a copy of the lion king in 3-D or its a true mobster hit there will always be a need for ways to entertain and let people kill time by using as Mark Cuban explains it the way to make it to the top is to avoid being one of those who chooses the laziest form of entertainment to occupy and kill time. 

The future of this industry however will reside with people who are interested in pushing digital and affiliate related products such as work out videos, weight loss tips, and other marketing offers. The rest of the digital video industry will suffer greatly and its demise will be slow and painful as the industry subsides.  

So as we move on in the 21st century we think about what the dvd duplication market has to offer and where it will head to in the future. To be honest my analysts have a lookout that is a dim and grim as the yellow pages phone book industry but to be honest anything is possible as the future catches you.