Sunday, January 30, 2011

11 Facts about four Loko

Four loko has busted out onto the scene and has damaged many of young ones lives by making them feel high and mighty only to crash their car later that evening. So here are some interesting facts about the wildly soon to be illegal alcoholic beverage:

11) Four Loko is made in Wisconsin

10) A 24 ounce can = 3 Brewskies and 2 cups of regular very strong coffee.

9) One can is equivilant to 4 BEERS!!!!! What a DEAL (not really if you have ever tasted Four Loko)

8) Michigan Liquor Control Commission thinks Four Loko as well as alcohol and caffeine energy drinks like it, are worthy of concern as they have decided to take a closer look at all beverages that combine alcohol and caffeine in heir formula.

Was created by 3 OSU alumni. Which currently is one of the largest universities in the country.

6) Comes in 8 different flavors

5) 660 calories in a can WOW

4) Was named with 4 due to it's top four ingredients

3) Is on the verge of being banned throughout the country. Therefore the creators have started to create a new less severe version that is currently being approved but Washington State still has a state wide ban on these drinks.

2) Studies say drinking these alcoholic beverages can increase your dependancy on alcohol.

1) Most important fact is it's disgusting and unless your a poor drug addict you probably shouldn't drink these

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