Saturday, February 5, 2011

If you have a business and it's taking off do you leave school

The answer to the holy grail of diffucult questions for those not in the know. The answer is yes. If your in school graduate or undergraduate and you come up with a brilliant idea it is best to start building it out to see if it's a worthwhile investment of your time.

There is something called the stickiness factor where something either sticks right away or it doesn't and for something to be sticky means that it's a hit right off the bat and you know that you are onto a possible monster than it's worth devoting a bulk of your resources to see how you can grow the idea/business and turn it into a profitable business.

Of course loving and enjoying what you do is entirely pertinent and these two wise quotes may be of some inspiration.

If you go to school and get a good job thats great but your not making the world and economy that much of a better place but if you create a business you NO longer fill a single chair but you create many chairs and opportunities.

Whats better than selling your business for a few million dollars?
Selling your business for a few billion dollars.