Friday, January 28, 2011

Facebook Replacing High School Reuinions

Why Face Book is the new High School Reunion

Ever think about this? You go to a high school reunion to catch up with the fellow students and people that you went to high school with to see how everything in life is going.

Typically during a reunion you are there to see what people look like after all these years, talk about the jobs, family, stories, and network.

So now that I made the above points of why and what happens at the 5 and 10+ years think about this. We do all of the aforementioned via Facebook every day. You look at the pictures of your friends and classmates everyday, they update you via their feed on what is going on in their everyday lives, and their profile of where they work and what they are doing is posted on their profile.

Via the groups function you can see everybody online that is in your graduating class and thus my point that face book has replaced the high school reunion.

Interesting point ehhh.