Monday, December 20, 2010

Things you shouldn't do on Facebook

Things you should not do on Facebook \

There are so many people who make a fool of themselves on the daily on Face book and end up landing on Here are some things that you may want to contemplate before doing next time your on the worlds favorite social network:

1) Confess your love on facebook is a recipe for disaster since the internet is permanent ink. Also if you have something to say private message it because it may not last or the girl you are breaking up with may end up pregnant with your child so beware.

2) Tell everybody of your every single move. Do not think for a second we care where exactly you are at and that your dog sneezes. WE DONT CARE.

3) Send us invites to stuff we are not even closely associated with.

4) poking us who really pokes anymore?

5) Send me the quizes on my wall. I really dont want to disable my wall but you are making it extremely tempting.

So please all of you facebookers stop!