Monday, December 20, 2010

Erin Burnett Drunk on egg nog Gas Mask Bra Fired

Erin Burnett Drunk on Egg Nog Gas Mask Bra Fired??

Erin Burnett is by far one of my favorite anchors on CNBC. Her and Mark Haines do a superb job in the morning and the fact that she is hot and from Maryland help her out a lot in my book. Any who after the gift exchange last Friday she received a red bra from the gift exchange and apparently drank too much egg nog as she was rather entertaining doing a joint split screen report with MSNBC with Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough.

They tried to turn the topic back into a discussion on the jobless claims number but she was too distracting. All I know if Jeff Imelt PLEASE DO NOT HARM ERIN SHE DESERVES HER JOB WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES BUT THINK ABOUT THE PRESS YOU ARE GETTING FROM THIS RATINGS MUST BE UP IN A RATHER SLOW WEEK.

Brian Roberts since you will have a lot of say in the matter please defend the beautiful young lady as ratings will plummet without her.

The video is on display below please support by clicking on my ads so I can donate the proceeds to Erin: