Thursday, December 16, 2010

Facebook makes dinero

Facebook is making dinero. How much moola you may ask? Well there on a Google like growth pace as they have expanded their total revenues from $800 million dollars last year in fiscal 2009 to an expected 2010 gross revenue total of $2.00 billion dollars. Of course Zuck and the gang do have tremendous overhead because when you think about it they are the new flickr which contains everybodys pictures, profile information, videos that people post and soon just about every single business will have a business page on facebook thus sucking up even more bandwidth and server space.

My favorite part about this is that Marc doesn't even care it's not about money those chips just help to keep track of your progress. It's about doing something you enjoy and love and if anybody reading this has ever had the pleasure of starting and creating a business than you would agree that there is nothing like the joys, stresses, and excitement of starting a business. It's a learning experience like none other.

A 2009 article talked about their current server costs a year we're exceeding 100 million dollars a year and in all likeliness that cost has continued to rise. Perhaps cisco or some other tech behemoths (maybe even facebook ding ding idea) can create servers that do not bear the brunt of such an expensive cost.

Just an idea and congrats fellow mensa Marc.