Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why I am doing my business banking at JP Morgan Chase

So I went over to the local John Pierpoint Morgan Chase Manhattan branch to deposit a check for a business dealing with a friend and was so pleasantly surprised about how incredibly nice the staff at the bank where. Also I found that the building was well kept, clean, had hand sanitizer by the entrance, was carpeted, wide open space, and was just an overall pleasant experience compared to the local Bank of America and Wachovia/Wells Fargo branches.

Finally I must say that the fact that there banking hours are open later than the other banks meaning the lobby is open till 6 p.m. Monday thru Friday and on Saturdays they are open until 3:00 PM where as BOA is shutting their doors at 12:59 and Wachovia stretches it until 2:00 much to the shagrin of their employees.

The bankers at JPM just seem a lot happier and I commend Jamie Dimon the best ceo and banker on the street for doing a great job. With the new open a new business account and receive $150.00 is enough to reel me in and the paypal like online payment system is going to be a pleasure to deal with helped me to make this as my Pick so I can't wait to help spread the word to all the other bankers on the street that haven't converted over yet.