Monday, November 8, 2010

What would be surprising to a Person in a coma since 1990

This is a very intriguing question as you have to figure that so much has changed and been invented since 1990. So if I was in a coma and woke up 21 years later it would be very tough to think about what has Been invented, who has won the world series, music, presidencies, scandals, top events and so forth.

While this is no where near an extensive list or even close to it I would love to have you comment so I can fill it in and complete this one day.

Things I'd Be surprised or Shocked to Know:

  • The internet changes how people communicate
  • Oil spiked to over 147.00 a barrel
  • The dow jones industrial broke 14,000
  • Kids play video games virtually communicating with friend over the airwaves(i.e. xbox live)
  • Google is how people find things it's like the ultimate answer machine
  • A movie ticket costs approximately $9.00
  • Everybody has a cellular/portable phone in which they communicate with and the device can fit in their pocket
  • The world Trade Centers NO longer exist in New York City
  • Flex fuel cars are developed
  • Black the United States of America
  • VCR's and Cassettes are no longer in mass production and entertainment is being delivered digitally in the 21st century.
Pretty fascinating if you think about how drastically life has changed for better or worse over the last 20+ years.

Wonder what the next 20 years will hold..