Monday, November 15, 2010

Whats Page Rank Named After?

Did you know that Google Page Rank is named after the Co-Founder Larry Page? Yup it makes sense two fold. First off every single web-page is ranked from n/a 0-10 with facebook and $GOOG being ranked 10. Coopers Pick being ranked a 3 but soon to be 10 and the fact that it correlates with Larry Pages last name so it works out well.

There is a google downloadable toolbar where you can see the page rank of each page but it has not been updated on a major focus in the last few months when it used to be done consistently every 3-4 months so we are way over due for onen.

Little note on how PR works: Each url is ranked based on numerous factors the most important being the amount of high quality and authority links being pointed to that particular site-paige.