Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is Maria Bartiromo Pregnant?

CNBC Newscaster is Prego

In case you missed it we had a very interesting CNBC poll earlier this year on whether or not Melissa Francis was Pregnant well now I have just been alerted by the CNBC and the fine folks at General Electric that Maria Bartiroma appears to be pregnant.

If you look at her discussing the European issues and the issues with banks in Ireland during the closing bell show ssuncup with a growing stance and signs of pregnancy.

Over the next few months watch for details on how the business news network will opt out of displaying a pregnant Maria Bartiromo and much like Melissa Francis and unlike Trish Regan they will try to only show photo shots until a little breaking news clip displaying the birth of a new boy or girl from the proud mother and excellent reporter.

Finally I have to wonder how the network feels about this and what is bigger breaking news the birth of a new GM (general motors IPO) or this? Google analytics shall tell me but don't expect any stories here on a Bartiromo scandal affair or divorce because I 1 don't know about it and number 2 don't really care.

See you in 9 months or 3 4 5 6 7 or 8 depends how far along she is. Congrats Maria and thank you Rachel for the insider information.