Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Iphone is great since you are more likely to have it with you regardless of where you are. The ipod/iphone games are generally way below the handheld games in terms of quality and fun, but they have helped me fill lots of 10 or 15 minutes gaps with something more enjoyable than staring out a window. And since they're almost always less than $10, it's easy to find something to grab that doesn't break the bank. As such, i guess the "gameability" of the ipad will depend on whether a gamer has it during a time when he wants to play. I can't imagine rushing home to fire up a game on your ipad, but if you already have one on your desk/lap in front of you, it might be a better option than the ipod (though maybe still not as good as the ds/psp). Reply to this comment.
Iphone is about to come out with. I paused?how do i describe it??well, a ". About this big, i gestured holding my hands about 10 inches apart. ? was his instant reaction as his eyes lit up. Even my 5-year-old knows that bigger is better, especially when it comes to tactile interfaces. In fact, the advantages are probably more obvious to his generation than it is to ours. For this first generation born into a world of the iphone, wii and soon the xbox's. L, the distance between the metaphor created by these devices and the reality of their interaction is constantly shrinking. My wife is currently doing her phd research on the merits of tangible interfaces for young children in education and the data is telling. There is no doubt that there is great potential to enhance learning with tactile computing. Through that lens the ?bigger iphone? is akin to a bigger yard to play in or a bigger room.
Iphone is a piece of shit, and so is your face.


Revive Mints said...

Although I'm not a fan of iPhone...I have to admit that iPad seems quite intriguing and interesting...if only I have some extra money..probably I would buy one...primarily because it would be perfect for reading ebooks.