Monday, February 1, 2010

The Super Bowl

Super bowl is as much about businesses entertaining clients and salespeople as it is a football game. Rodney barreto, the chairman of the south florida super bowl host committee, says that miami is a logical choice to host the big game. "look across the country, at that time of year, at what there is to offer," barreto said. "for their fan base and for their sponsors, they want to go somewhere that's the best value for them. [the super bowl] is corporate america at its best. To be sure, a few middle-class fans will make their way to south florida for sunday's game. After the 2007 super bowl, an economic impact study estimated that the average attendee spent $668 per day in south florida. With an average stay of five days, a few days at the super bowl cost more than months of mortgage payments, for most people. Which is exactly why south florida wants to host the game.
Super bowl is the use of roman numerals and the possibility of a "wardrobe malfunction. " perhaps, jim brown was right when he originally thought the name "super bowl" was a bit lame. If you disagree with that, then take it up with jim.
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Super bowl is not sitting well with the chargers players who are in south florida to participate in the pro bowl. Niners' davis morphing into 'winner'. A little more than a year removed from mike singletary's infamous postgame rant about him, vernon davis has responded to his coach's challenge and earned a pro bowl spot.
Super bowl is our last resort," said nfl commissioner roger goodell, who was flanked by the coaches and quarterbacks for the opposing teams. "yes, there are some difficult issues that need to be hashed out, such as who will be the game's mvp, the number of total passing yards for each quarterback, and which team will be named super bowl champion, but i think we made progress today. "the colts and the saints are unwavering in their commitment to avoid any violence and wish to resolve the super bowl peacefully, without a single football being thrown," goodell added. According to team sources, formal overtures to crown a super bowl victor through peaceful negotiation began almost immediately after saints kicker garrett hartley connected on a game-winning field goal against the vikings last sunday. Saints general manager mickey loomis reportedly sent one of the team's high-level ambassadors, deuce mcallister, to indianapolis to see if the colts would agree to a 42-38 outcome wherein the saints would be named super bowl champions. Sources confirmed colts general manager chris polian told mcallister that, while he was open to diplomacy and would do anything to avoid sending his players into harm's way, his organization would prefer a final result that favors the colts 27-17. "absolutely no one wants to see these teams forced to take the field and play 60 minutes of brutal football against each another," colts owner jim irsay said. "but the saints have to understand that if they aren't willing to meet us half way on some our demands, specifically those that are outcome-related, we are fully committed to using all our offensive firepower to achieve our goals. "if this game is played, i assure you it's going to be a bloodbath," irsay continued.
Super bowl is their one chance to step into gridiron greatness, their one chance to be crowned world champions. Be there at dolphin stadium to see who will take home the coveted lombardi trophy. Don't get stuck watching the super bowl on the couch - get your exclusive super bowl tickets to experience the excitement live. Super bowl tickets today for the 2010 super bowl.
Super bowl is unlikely stopover on player's journey to sobriety - nytimes.
Super bowl is an element of a complete, 360-degree campaign. Unilever united states is buying a 45-second spot in the game ? created by the ogilvy & mather worldwide unit of. ? for a new line of products named dove men+care. The commercial is to be complemented by blog posts, ms. O'brien said, as well as presences on facebook and twitter. “during the super bowl, we're going to use twitter to engage the audience in real time by reaching out to people tweeting,” she added, “and urging them to watch our commercial again. Group will turn to venues like facebook, twitter and youtube to promote a 30-second commercial the company intends to run in the game. The spot, featuring a new infant to portray the e*trade talking baby character, is created by grey new york, part of the grey group division of wpp.
Super bowl is the wrong audience for tim tebow's message.
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Super bowl is the most-watched. Many popular singers and musicians have performed during the event's pre-game and. The day on which the super bowl is played is now considered a.


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