Friday, November 6, 2009

PRWEB news Releases cutting back on the news

I cannot fathom why a company like would have a policy of not including or allowing any businesses that links to or deals with Fantasy Football, Sports Wagering, Sports Betting, and Gambling sources in their releases. I think this is absolutely ludicrous and makes no sense. Than the math starts. These companys do a lot of releases and they spend a lot of money marketing. Than they go ahead and have to find a new source. So lets say 10 companies at $200.00 a piece can no longer send out the 10 press releases a year they planned on doing. Now PRWEB has just cost themselves $20,000.00 if not more. I try to be logical and efficient and this is neither. If I were on the board of directors I would be pissed off and change this policy immediately as it greatly affects the bottom line.

Also please stay away from FREECREDITREPORT.COM like DOGS STAY AWAY FROM MICHAEL VICK. They are a scam and will rape you out of money every month even if you call them to cancel. They are no better than high pressure salesman at DIRECTBUY.


Suntree real estate said...

In my opinion, they don't allow the topics you've mentioned because it involves gambling and betting...anyways, there are other businesses and niches so it's better to just stay away from those.. :)