Thursday, November 5, 2009

What Came first Oreo Cookies or Cookie monster

Since Google is showcasing our favorite monster that sticks around after Halloweeeeen : Cookie Monster, I noticed something today and was seeing if anybody else might have come across this. The monster is Blue white and black correct? Correct.

Oreo Cookies are black and white and come in a packaging that is always black, white, and blue correct? Correct.

So do you think Nabisco when creating the package or the Monster's creator Jim Henson thought to link the two together? Granted that Oreo's where created in 1912 and Jim Henson was not creating monsters yet would make me lean towards Nabisco but I do not know when the packaging started any and all input appreciated on this unsolved mystery...................


Harbor City real estate said...

For me it's not important whether who came first... What counts for me is the taste of the cookie...Am I right? I like oreo cookies the taste is very different compared to others.