Monday, July 16, 2012

Marissa Mayer Going to Yahoo! What it means for Search

So Palo Alto is in shock today as probably are Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Matt Cutts, and Sergey Brin as all star woman Marissa Mayer takes the leap to the other side of search in Silicon Valley via her new job as CEO of Yahoo! taking over for interim CEO Ross Levinhson.

After a string of bad luck with CEO's all of which have been male perhaps this is finally the right move by a company that needs to get back to basics according to it's co-founder David Filo.Marissa was by far one of the brightest engineers at Google and a darling in every way possible. She will be able to give Yahoo! an inside taste of what the future looks like for search, the internet, and most importantly the cloud.

Having the correct incite to know that if you are incredibly premature in your thinking it will be just that much harder for your competitors to catch up. Yahoo! does an excellent job of promoting news, sports, and finance and needs to take a stronger stance in those arenas.

With the help of MM they will certainly now have that opportunity. For the first time in over a decade we can say that the future looks bright for Yahoo! and well of course it's still shining bright for Google.