Sunday, July 8, 2012

Funniest Music Video Ever - Danny Brown Grown Up

I have to declare this music video the funniest one that I have ever seen. In my opinion it also beats out I'll stick around by the Foo Fighters. This video is so hilarious not for its early 90 rap lyrics and sound but because it features a little tiny hoodlum kid running around doing hilariously funny and corruptive stuff.

He knocks over all the clothes in a clothing store, rips books off of the shelf in the library, dumps the trash out of the trash can, throws toilet paper at a guy peeing (who doesnt flinch), hits a ditch and falls off his bike faceplanting and knocking out his teeth, rocking a mini cincy Bengals football colored hoodie, jumping on a crackhead couch in front of row homes, and plenty more of hilarious footage.

If you have a chance definitely check out this video its good for a laugh.