Sunday, May 20, 2012 Review

I was lucky enough to have an e-commerce site that had a heavy amount of mobile usage due to the product being one that you are out shopping and than you see it, google it, and the next thing you know your purchasing my product!

While that is all fine and dandy their was a time when I was in trouble because my previous web developer did not take the time to ensure that the website was mobile friendly and as a result of his lack of due diligence I lost a lot of clients and sales.

Today I have the most beautiful site in my industry thanks to, some of the best social marketing platforms being utitlized to drive new traffic, leads, and sales to my business through the use of popular bookmarking sites such as Pinterest, social networks like Facebook, and of course daily tweets on deals, sales, and promotions that we are running all being handled by Jacob Dimartino and the rest of Jakes staff over at Choice One.

Thank you guys for your hard work and diligence. It is truly making a huge deal in my life as we are really expanding and we have your teams hard efforts to thank for that. Oh and by the way your graphic designs are truly amazing.