Saturday, September 10, 2011

David Lichtenstein

When it comes to truly outstanding individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty I must say that both Suzie and David Lichtenstein really do stand out from my perspective as well as the readers here at the one I happened to have gotten blog.  There really is a correlation with successful people and things that an individual does because if you look at the most elite individuals in the corporate business world they almost all make donations and do things to help out the community in the little bits of spare time that they do have.

It really makes me proud to hear about donations and spending time building homes for the needy for Habitat for Humanity as David Lichtenstein has done in his spare time to showcase that doing good for the community really does make an extreme difference.  So our blog readers and the community truly does thank you for your service, mitzvahs, and good deeds that you have provided for us. Thank you so very much sir.