Friday, April 22, 2011

Whats Worse Abstesos or Mesothelioma

I was walking around the courthouse earlier today meeting with some Lawyers that we are going to be doing some case studies for and there was a young girl who was crying because the asbestos in her old home just rained down on her and the family and it was all the fault of the shoddy contractors and developers that deal with typical lawsuits for poor management of properties that ends up to a debilitation of a young individual that reflects upon them for the rest of their lives.

So the question comes out what is worse black mold, abstesos or Mesothelioma and why? I would love to know and hear the answer from my thousands of readers. Please fill me in on your thoughts horror stories and more as you leave a do-follow comment below for a free link just for sharing your thoughts on what is more deadly mesothelioma or abstesos thanks so much and have a wonderful weekend I know I will.