Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Game Brokers Review

The Game Brokers is a sports handicapping service run by sports enthusiast John Mack. What separates John Mack from the rest of the sports scam artists is that he actually studies the games and really cares about his clients.

In a recent interview we talked to the legendary John Mack for OVER and hour and he was kind enough to tell us all about how he got started in the business his crazy stories about when he was living out in Las Vegas, Nevada. The wild times he had to deal with when the clerks and tellers at the sportsbooks were being approached to get insider information on his plays and all of the other crazy stuff that happens when your the best sports handicapper in the world.

What else that really intrigued me is that I asked initially if The Game Brokers was any good and he came out and stated that I could find out for myself. Well that I did and I have been a client ever since profiting BIG time with Johnny's help. Thanks so much for all of the help and great information plays that you have passed along to us throughout the years. The sports service world as a great deal to you for having such a positive reputation and making up for all of the bad guys in the industry.

Your the best John Mack and boy am I glad I found the Game Brokers!