Thursday, March 10, 2011

OTL Sports On Top of the Line Sports Scamdicappers

So with our investigation we contacted OTL Sports also known as on top of the line sports and found that out of a month long trial package that we tested for College Basketball that their overall winning record was an impressive 56% which is above average for the typical sports handicapping company. With this we took on average 2-3 games a day which was a huge tail risk for the sports handicapping service but yet they wanted us to know that they were willing to give us this huge free trial which would typically cost their clients thousands of dollars but in exchange for an honest and ethical review they had no gripes about us coming out and going public with our findings.

So the hardest games that we lost were the 4 or 5 unit syndicate plays that were made to entice us to bet more money than a game that was considered a 1 to 2 unit play. With the 1 to 2 unit plays we found a winning percentage of 82% but the payouts where very low. With the 4 to 5 unit plays our winnings came out to only 52% but due to the higher payouts this turned out to be a much more lucrative way to bring money in.

The biggest headache came in the fact that we had to be ready to place bets at the last minute and often this was in the form of a late breaking text message or phone call saying real quick lay chalk down on UConn +2 at madison square garden today and get it in quick before the books close. So its a tough way to go about betting but certainly the safest if we want to win the most amount of money possible.

So overall I was pleasantly satisfied with their handicapping service and certainly would go back for more of their winning picks.