Friday, March 4, 2011

Charlie Sheens Best Quotes

Charlie Sheens Quotes

Well the star of two and a half men is absolutely killing it in media points so far in 2011. The only people not enjoying it are the dickheads over at Warner Brothers, Chuck, his beautiful ex-wife Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards. So without further adieu here are the best Charlie Sheen Quotes: "Still Winning"

The man obviously knows how to party: "I mean, what's not to love? Especially when you see how I party man, it's epic. The run I was on made Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger, Richards, all of them, just look like droopy-eyed, armless children." Wow did he really say Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

I am on a drug. It's called Charlie Sheen. It's not available. If you try it once, you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body."

I was bangin' seven-gram rocks and finishing them because that's how I roll, because I have one speed, one gear. ... I'm different. I have a different constitution, I have a different brain, I have a different heart. I got tiger blood, man. Dying's for fools, dying's for amateurs.
this is what he said on his copious drug habit

"I probably took more than anybody could survive"

"It's perfect. It's awesome. Every day is just filled with just wins. All we do is put wins in the record books. We win so radically in our underwear before our first cup of coffee, it's scary. People say it's lonely at the top, but I sure like the view." Yes he is bi-winning go Charlie!

You've read about the goddesses come on' They're an international sensation. These are my girl friends. These are the women that I love that have completed the 3 parts of my heart. It s a polygamy story. All my guy friends are gonna like throw tomatoes at me. It's like an organic union of the hearts

yet the opposition felt it necessary to still harass me with old gibberish.... odd? perhaps. transparent? you betcha'!

On his drug problem: "I think the honesty not only shines through in my work, but also my personal life. And I get in trouble for being honest. I'm extremely old-fashioned. I'm a nobleman. I'm chivalrous"

Yes he said this about porn stars "
They're the best at what they do and I'm the best at what I do. And together it's like, it's on. Sorry, Middle America. Yeah, I said it"

What ex- playboy models kids will think of daddy: They'll wake up one day and realize how cool dad is. And, you know, signs all the checks on the front, not the back. And you know, we need him and we need his wisdom and his bitchin'-ness"

Wild thing struck out a lot of hitters in major league and he uses a metaphor on striking out still but this time with marriage and divorce: "I tried marriage. I'm 0 for 3 with the marriage thing. So, being a ballplayer -- I believe in numbers. I'm not going 0 for 4 (like the buffalo bill sI'm not wearing a golden sombrero."

and my personal favorite:
Just got invited to do the Nancy Grace show... I'd rather go on a long road trip with Chuck Lorre in a '75 Pacer

Charlie just loves to involve winning
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