Thursday, December 2, 2010

Top 10 Events of the Second Half of 2010


In case you missed our infamous Top 10 Events of 2010 So Far than check it out but to follow it up we felt we were due to do the top ten events for the second half of 2010. If I missed anything please do let us know by leaving a do follow comment below:

10) On July 8th 2010 Lebron James signs with the Miami Heat and not the Cleveland Cavaliers nor the Chicago Bulls but rather the Miami Heat enraging millions of fans as he strives to win an NBA championship.

9) Ronni Chasen's Mysterious Murder. A true hollywood thriller of who'd done it.Chasen was shot early in the morning on November 16, 2010, at approximately 12:28 a.m. PST, in the upscale neighborhood of Beverly Hills when she was driving home from the Hollywood premiere for the new movie Burlusque. The case is still open and if you have any leads we ask that you report them immediately to theoneigot blog or the LAPD whichever one you feel more comfortable speaking with.

8) Rep. Charley Rangel misappropriating funds and being a politician. Well what was different in this than anything else all the other politicians have done? Does he avoid Censure since he served in the Korean War?

7) Julian Assange famed founder of wikileaks on 7/25/2010 leaks covert and classified material to the general public of over 90k internal reports on the war in Afghanistan and to follow things up he then threatens in Late November to release damning evidence that will bring down at least one very large bank. Now he is in hiding with death threats from Chasen's assasin and the files are being hidden in James Bonds Cave. No they really are being hidden in Bonds layer.

6) Call of Duty Black Ops is Released and within 24 hours of being released, the game sold more than 7 million copies, 5.6 million in the U.S. and 1.4 million in the U.K., breaking the record set by its predecessor Mdoern Warfare 2 and halo 3 by over 2.5 million copies thus marking the most lucrative in terms of dollar sales ever for an entertainment release.

5)Nasa released a big announcement on the discovery of new Arsenic-based life form in a lake in California which leads the way for us to find new life forms on different planets.

4) The Chilean Miner Debacle. 33 miners get trapped underground for 69 days and Oakley ends up saving them by sponsoring their sunglasses while CNN broadcasts it to the public. Noting one of the most authentic advertising campaign of 2010.

3) In Sumatra Indonesia an Earthquake and a Tsunami kills over 400 people and leave hundreds missing causes the second biggest natural disaster of 2010.

2) The top natural disaster of 2010 so far stands as the 7/29/2010 monsson causes widespread flooding greater than the one earlier this year in Tennessee in Khyber Pakhutunkha Pakistan thus killing 1,600 popel and affecting millions.

1) Google Releases instant search and than goes out and buys Groupon the leading deal of the day website.