Tuesday, June 15, 2010

11 Interesting facts about Kobiyashi

Takeru Kobayashi

Is perhaps a true phenomenon of our glutton that even the characters of Over The Hedge may get jealous of the food this guy can eat. He can eat more hot dogs, hamburgers, and just about anything else you can think of than anybody else in the world. So after doing some research I found some cool facts about this Nathan Hot Dog Eating Legend who eats for a living and doesn't have to live to eat like most people with common jobs. So with the 4th of July contest coming up it seemed like an appropriate time to do some research and put together some cool facts about our favorite eating champion Kobayashi:

11) Kobayashi is actually his last name and his first name is Takeru. Could you imagine calling him Takeru instead of Kobayashi? Kind of looks like takeout to me.

10) Kobayash is actually ranked 3rdd in the world behind Joey Chestnut and Bob Shoudt according to the "International Federation of Competitive Eating" (IFCE)

9) He is only 33 years old and his biggest injury of all time was to his jaw (not surprisingly) and thus the speculation on his loss to Pat Bertoletti and Joey Chestnut during Spikes chowdown competition.

8) A website that sells his t-shirts is called eatmorehotdogs.com and shirts cost $20.00 but come with no hot dogs :(

7) In 2004 he founded the United Food Fighter Org. to increase competitive eating competitions in the world.

6) He likes to blog. ALOT he's been blogging since 2006 on everything from his Topps baseball cards, training, foods that he is eating, and hopefully he reads this awesome diggable list and gives me a shout out. Kobayshi Blog

5) Some cool eating records of his:

He has 4 world records for having eaten:

58 Johnsonville in 10 Minutes
17.7 pounds of Cow brains in 15 minutes
41 Lobster Rolls in 10 Minutes
20 pounds of rice balls in 30 minutes
(on a television special they show him eating 20 pounds of rice expanding his stomach in training at a restaurant in Japan)

4) He is from Nagano, Japan and gained notoriety in America during Nathans famous competitive hot dog eating contest for 6 years from 2001-2006 eating the most dogs (53.75) in 2006 and held the world record until Joey Chestnut broke it in the qualfying round with 59.5 hot dogs and buns but no condiments (sorry heinz ketchup). His first year in the competition (2001) he doubled the previous record of 25 and it was so shocking and unexpected that they ran out of signs showing the number of coney island hot dogs eaten. In 2007 he had new personal best of 63 hot dogs but was beaten again by his professional eating nemesis Joey Chestnut who was able to eat 66 hot dogs and the buns.

4)Fox had a television show that aired on 2004 called Man vs. Beast where Takeru Kobayashi was defeated by a 1089-pound Kodiak bear (he only weighed 130 lbs. at the time, a 969 lb. handicap) when he ate 31 hot dogs in 2 minutes and 36 seconds but the bear Joey Chestnuted him with 50 bunless hot dogs.

3) He is only 5ft 8in. tall and his weight fluctuates up to 60 pounds due to his training and eating habits.

2)Kobayashi trains his stomach by expanding it before a competition by eating much bigger & larger amounts of food, followed by exercising to ensure that the fat will not impede upon the expansion of his stomach during a competition.

1)The hotdog king has a trademark body wiggle, colloquially known as the "Kobayashi Shake" he uses it to help get the food down his esophagus and settle more compactly in his stomach. When he is eating dogs he likes to split them in half and swallows both halfs simulteanously while the buns get soaked in water or soda.