Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Top 11 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Episodes

Ever since FX was kind enough to grace our dear little hearts with this Philly gem in August of 2005 the critics have given nothing but thumbs up to this Adult themed Seinfeld-esque comedy.

Since I love this show so much and hope that it doesn't fall by the wayside like My Name is Earl has and hopefully doesn't lose it's spice like the Simpsons and family guy has I figured a top 11 episode list was in order.

As of this writing there are 58 episodes and with Danny Devito's luck they can stay strong like south park has at 300 episodes:

11. Gun Fever

When Mac and Dennis come to the pub in the morning for work they discover that the safe had been stolen and the only feasible solution would be...well to get a gun. Of course there is opposition but Charlie never listens, so what happens is Charlie and the gang end up with a gun get addicted to the power of the 9mm and when Charlie's landlord asks for rent the priceless look of the landlord giving Charlie some extra time to come up with the money because he has a gun. Dee ends up dating the guy who ultimately robs them and when the gang is on to Colin (dees bf for the episode) they go to scare him with the gun until they find out that he has a gun of his own. A truly classic episode and well deserving of the 11th spot. Oh and to not spoil it somebody gets shot in the end!

10. The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis

Looks Brains and Wildcard
With great timing on current events at the time of the airing the gang is spot on with exploiting how ridiculous the 4.00+ a gallon was for America and you certainly could count on the gang to let everybody know about it.
Mac lets everybody know that he is: The Brains
Dennis says he is obviously: The Looks and
Charlie is well Charlie is: The wildcard bitches and Dee is declared the useless chic while they fill up trash cans filled with oil trying to make that oil money by reselling it later at a higher price and even throwing in a few muslim offensives in there for good measure.
Best quote: Mac: Guys, why aren't the brakes working?
Charlie: Because I cut the brakes! Wild card, bitches! Yeeeeeeee-haw!

9. The Waitress is Getting Married

If you know it's always sunny than you know the infatuation that Charlie has the waitress who has slept around with everybody except for Charlie. So when Dee is trying on wedding dresses she runs into an old boyfriend Brad from high school and finds out that he is marrying the waitress so the whole episode relies on mac and dennis trying to hook charlie up on a date that is hilarious if you watch the scene of Charlie trying to change shirts due to his extensive sweating in the bathroom.

memorable quote: (Charlie blows his breath on the guys' faces)
Mac: Oh my God!
Dennis: What is that? What was that? Was that cheese? Have you eaten cheese?
(Charlies nods)
Mac: How much cheese have you eaten today?
Charlie: How much cheese is too much cheese?
Dennis: Any amount of cheese... before a date is too much cheese!

Check out the preview at 2:00

8. The Gang Gets Racist
This is the episode that started it all so if the pilot sucked well I might not be sitting here all alone writing this list so I have something to be thankful for.
Dee brings home Terrell from her acting class and ends up being hired as a promoter because the gang doesnt want to come off as racist but in the end the bar becomes a gay bar and Charlie has a black girl that likes him but having a crush on the waitress and not knowing the black girl is Terrell's sister brings. This first episode gives us a glimpse into how great comedy is not quite dead yet.

7. The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Makeover Edition
I can honestly say that I never really watched extreme home makeover but after watching this episode I thought about it (note only thought about it) so the gang kidnaps a Mexican family, scares the hell out of them telling them We are taking over your house and "it sure feels good to help people", followed by destroying the Juarezz's family home, than tries to make it better, and like usual fails. This episode is so out of control by the time the last scene rolls around your just saying WTF to yourself.

6.Dennis and Dee go on Welfare
"How much [crack] would you recommend for first time users?"
Dennis and Dee decide that they want free money from the government in pursuit of their dreams of freedom and end up becoming crack heads when the money runs out. A pure comedy into the sad life of a crack addict as they say where just going to go back for a little more and thus the problem snowballs into a classic episode.

5. A Very Sunny Christmas

Dennis and Dee try to teach Frank a lesson for all the times he ruined Christmas for them, while Charlie finds out that his mom was a whore while apologizng in a timeless scene for the gifts they stole in the past but won't give back along with Charlie biting Santa clause with a few elves for good measure. Tis the season when watching this gem.

4. Charlie Wants an Abortion
If anybody is good at shedding a comedic light on touchy issues than it's the writers here as Charlie finds out that he's a father and is set up to take over the child from hell while Mac pretends to be pro-abortion until his girlfriend lies to him and says she's pregnant to which there is an immediate demand to abort that mission.

3. The World Series Defense
The gang is in court trying to explain why they shouldnt have to pay their abundant parking tickets and if you have ever been to Philly or live there you know how they love to give out parking tickets like there is no tomorrow. Episode involves the Classic Green Man and the Philly Phanatic beating up Charlie, frank crawling through a fumigated building, the acknowledgment of how wild and passionate philly phans are as well as Dennis and Charlie arguing who is going to get hit by a car and hustle the guy for free tickets. Note: Charlie tries to act like a lawyer in this one in which he ultimately fails like usual.
Memorable Quote:
Charlie: I'm gonna toss in my countersuit, uh, Charlie Kelly vs. Major League baseball and the Phillie Phrenetic.
Dee: Countersuit, Charlie?
Dennis: No, come on. Come on.
Dee: Don't do it, Charlie. Don't do it.
Charlie: I'm mad at this guy!
Dee: He's gonna...
Charlie: This guy's got a stranglehold on the mascot scene!

2. The Nightman Cometh

I knew I would never ever hear the end of this if I didn't include this because this is up there with Kitten Mittens and Flip Flip Flip-a-delphia but unfortunately they got booted for this remarkable Charlie Day piece of art.

This play based on Charlie's earlier premonition is done to attract the waitress to come check out his artistic abilities but ultimately backfires in many ways when the rest of the gang wants to change up his play

Memorable Quote:
Frank: (singing) You gotta pay the troll toll to get into this boy's hole. You gotta pay the troll toll to get in. You want this baby boy's hole, you gotta pay the troll toll...
Charlie: Stop, stop, stop. All right, not bad. Good rhythm, love the enthusiasm. I feel like you're saying "boy's hole," and it's clearly "soul."

Day man
Fighter of the Night man
Champion of the sun
You’re a master of karate and friendship…for everyone

1. Paddy's Pub: The Worst Bar in Philadelphia
Yes this is my pick and if it was your list than you could chose whatever you wanted if you disagree with me you can click on a banner and exit the site right now!

Paddy's Pub gets a horrible review in the paper so what happens? They kidnap the guy and his cat but wait its the wrong cat wrong guy. The opening scene describing his trip to the pub where Dee calls him a faggot for drinking a chardonnay and a stabbing environment is just the beginning.
Memorable Quote of many:
"Why does your friend have a hammer?"

Btw what is night crawlers? It's exactly what it sounds like...

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