Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Things Trending right now

Les Brown and the apple ipad are trending right about now along with

The Baracka obama nuclear plan speaking of which when are we going to go through with that to help solve the energy crisis since prices are going to be rising in the energy field rather rapidly. Oh yea here this presidential joke: "I"ll keep my guns, freedom, and money you keep the change" Good bad or tasteless? Do follow comments below.

Next up is the big golf tournament (you can guarantee everybody is ready to bet on golf as we are kicking off at weeks end something called the masters why is this so big in Augusta Georgia this year? Well thats because Tiger Woods is coming back and it will be like the super bowl when people who dont usually watch golf will watch and realize that they never ever liked watching golf on tv because this expose will not even have good commercials.

Californias favorite city los angeles is a popular google trend. Why? maybe because the earthquake I really do not know.

The nicest but most dangerous place to go visit: south africa dont know again why its up there but if you wanna check it out and comment below please be my guest.

I think this one is all about religion: maoist. right?

This might be another one of those where not in google anymore jokes. Like Topeka. Topeka kansas changed their name to google to entice them to come to their awesome capital city which was the only capital at one time losing residents and was called tow-puke-a. Trend: kyrgyz

Yes our friends will all have the best espn coverage on the newly traded michael vick loving quarter back donovan mcnabb who now rocks out in a redskins jersey. Surpisingly another qb from theres something about marry poppeed up at number eight.

Why is this not number 1; west virginia mine explosion and here is Massey energy in all this since they rock record fines.

Finally I dont again have the time to look this up since I am busy trading and handicapping but this name just sounds scary: shoaib malik. However, if I was an asshole leftist which I am not (no political stance) than I would say only one name scares me more: George Bush. But that of course is not true.

So let me know what you want to hear about with a free do follow comment below.