Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ray La Hood wants new Brakes

So Raymond LaGhetto has recommended that every new car that is made should have a technolgy that is designed to stop the car when either the gas or brake is active--whatever the heck that means.

Is he trying to say that he wants the car to have active brake technology when the car is turned on? He is not really specific with this request. So to shed some light on how STUPID LaHood is let me keep it plain and simple.

He wants a way to stop a car in an Emergency situation when the car is on. Hmmm..... Is there anything on a car right now that could do this? Well guess what there is. It's called an EMERGENCY BRAKE and cars have been equiped with these for years so go back to the drawing board you imbecile.

Oh and he also told the Senate Commerce Committee that he wants to shake things up some more with concerns over safety of Jap manufactured products when he visits the land of the rising sun.