Thursday, March 4, 2010

GOOG volume explodes

Late in the day GOOGLE's stock GOOG had an astonishing purchase of shares that totals in value over 545 million dollars.

At 15:29 in market time aka 3:29 there was a purchase at the price of 545.15 or so where it opened and an enormous purchase of 759,225 shares changed hands in that one minute where as the previous minute had less than 1,000 shares change hands.

So who can afford a purchase this big? Well it could be a multitude of things and there is no buyback in place so this obviously didnt come from the G monster themselves.

Biggest speculation could be anything from a CALPERS to a large mutual fund to a savvy hedgehogger.

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Blogs said...

Google created a dual-class stock structure with this Goog.

Viral Marketing said...

Google's stock market capitalization is increasing day by day.