Sunday, November 1, 2009

Why Baseball can be such BS

Baseball is such bull shit sometimes and the world series this year between the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees has gone to show just that.

The commissioner Roger Godell really needs to figure out a proper way to implement an instant replay as we have been spoiled with great technology to unfoil all of the folly of the umpires this post season. Now if I bring you back over a decade ago to a little mutt named Jeffrey Maher who caught Tony Tarascos fly ball that he would have caught and the ruling would have been fan interference to what would have been just a double than the yankees would have lost that game, the Orioles would have went to the World Series won and than they would never have hit the dismal position that the poor franchise soaks in today.

Now fast foward to 2009 13 years later as the Yankees are thriving and the Orioles well look at the attendance its like every game is an away game these days. Poor Birds. So now Arod hits what was originally ruled a two run double in last nights World Series game and than after further review they see that due to the camera that was to be a homerun game changes hands yankees win phillies lose baseball sucks.

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Downtown Sarasota real estate said...

I have to admit, I'm also not a fan of fact, I don't even know all the rules of this game..I just enjoy watching it once in awhile.