Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Raise my Page Rank SEO SEM Gods

Perhaps if I keep on posting about my thoughts of the moment when I am in front of a computer screen (which is way too much these days between trading and marketing). I will eventually increase my page rank....right? Wrong.

Well kind of. The wonderful world of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing is rather intriguing and just because you are posting a lot of non-sense does not necessarily translate into earning a higher rank or one at all (I am still n/a).

When you post a lot of quality content than slowly people may start finding you from blogsearch.google.com and typing in something like SEO or SEM and seeing your blog post. Than they read your non-sense about wanting a higher PR because that will make you the cool kid on the block (google is currently the coolest kid on the block and yahoo and lycos are planning on jumping him after school shhhh...... but don't worry I got your back Google just be careful of Adobe.) Anyway back on subject by posting quality non-sensical content that people read will than get somebody to reference you or add you to their blog roll and thus forth creates a chain of reccomendations saying. Hey this jackass has the dumbest blog I have ever read but hell it's funny, it is educating, it's helpful, it's motivating, etc....

From these reccomendations is where the higher rage pank that I so absurbdly desire for no apparent reason but to say hey I am one step cooler from n/a to 1 or even n/a to 0 would make me proud. At least I am getting crawled on a daily basis (thank you blogger)

So what are you waiting for help me page rank higher and in return I will save the world one keystroke at a time! No seriously I have big plans to help but it starts with ranking my page higher.


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