Monday, November 23, 2009

Some Cool and Useful Cloud Computing Sites

So I stumbled upon a few cool new websites just now that help you organize your expenses, budgets, time, billing and invoice and more.

The first of such is called Get Harvest. According to their site this is the world's best time tracking application although I would be weary of the iPhone application developers foiling this.You can use Harvest to quickly prop up graphical reports to see distribution of a company's resources (not your competition just your own) and with a single click you can bill a client.

Pretty cool stuff huh? Sounds like its on the track to being the next booyah Pantzer (Pantzer is the smart lad who sold mint for 170 sheckels.)

So whats this relate to Cloud Computing? Well it's no slashdot but you don't have to install it onto your computer which seems to be the next big thing these days and their team monitors the applications all day and night they poop in front of your activity, drink massive amounts of 5 hour energies in front of your activity to make sure that they fulfill their obligation to monitor it all the time and they back up YOUR data daily.

Than there is Camp Fire which is a web-based group chat tool that lets you set up password-protected chat rooms in just seconds. To collaborate on decisions and get things done in a world similar to google apps but for chat rooms where everything is always saved and it costs money each month. Is it worth it? I really don't know I don't bet until I have all my information in and than I place the proper trade, so do yours for yourself and make the most informed decision based upon what you are able to work with.


Revive Energy Mints said...

Cool! This is perfect for newly established businesses and for those who want to organize their company's operation and expenses...I will bookmark these sites and share them with my friends who are planning to set up their own businesses..I'm pretty sure these would make things a lot easier.