Sunday, November 22, 2009

Go canes sound like something else?

So I went to Land Shark stadium the other day to see the final home game of the Miami Hurricanes as they took on the Duke Blue-Devils ( I fucking hate duke by the way) and during the entrance appearance I was making as I got out of my Ferrari 355 I hear the automated player saying no scalping tickets is allowed as it is strictly prohibited yada yada yada GOCANES or was that Cocaine? I really couldn't tell as it sounded so much like Cocaine not so much Go Canes. So this make me wonder if that was part of the montage of the team when naming the school and its mascot years ago?

Since Miami is known as the cocaine capital of the world the home of cowboys and not the ones in texas you see on the horsies but yet this one has always slipped by until now. Also in full disclosure the Ibis is the mascot of the team and the reason behind this is that the Ibis is the last animal to go into hiding before a hurricane and the first to come out after the hurricane is done running its course thus showing great bravery upon a mascot for the U or sun tan university.


Cash for houses said...

Miami is now just second to London. London is now cocaine capital of the world. Just some facts I picked up while reading the news on the Internet. Oh and I got the t-shirt haha.