Thursday, October 18, 2012

Racism today in America Shows Us What?

Despite the fact that racism has been so much talked about there are also other issues that come along with it that has not been realized or identified by people. It is therefore very hard for any person to talk about racism without having to talk about social class. It is easy to find out that a certain tribe is discriminated upon not just because they are black but also because they are poor.

Various authors in their books have been able to describe how poverty and color has created a big disparity between the blacks and the Americans which has also led to the blacks being pointed for everything that is wrong in the society. Various factors have led to the income inequality such as the urbanization and the reconstruction of America which has left Africans behind hence the income difference. Despite the fact that America had the privilege to help Africans so that they can be on the same level of the income status this never happened to prevent the blacks from being on the same level and that’s why there is a big difference between the two. This has further been described by the media itself whereby it has been able to hide the facts that there is a class of the rich states and has also hidden the reasons why the African counties are poor but pointing out that it is the fault of the Africans that they are poor.

Research also shows that Africans have very little and even if various differences such as income for example, jobs and even education are eliminated then the Americans income would still be high due to the barriers that have been caused by race that have left Africans stuck for all this while. It has also been noted that although the American government reduced the welfare benefits for the poor people this expense has been transferred to taxpayers and they have to incur that extra cost.

Africans sufferings is evidence on the many problems that they encounter especially when they are hit by a national disaster then one can’t help but blame the American society for the problems that they go through. Lack of good education proper housing and lack of jobs has left the countries behind and that’s why they are lagging behind in a lot of developments. Luckily philanthropists like Bill Gates and Terry Bradshaw are going out onto Television and helping to fund raise and build awareness. Poverty has led such countries to discrimination and by the rich states and no state would want to be involved in them.