Thursday, September 27, 2012

Out in Wilshire Thoughts of West L.A.

Honestly is there an area that is more beautiful that is inhabited than West Los Angeles? When I was out there visiting the Beverly Hills and Hollywood, California area I was truly amazed about how amazing the weather is out there, how incredibly bad the traffic is, and the cost of real estate.

Now blogging about random things that spike my interest I find it interesting to speak about travel today but I think it should be talked about. The traffic from going from Westwood which is where the campus of the UCLA Bruins back to the Roosevelt Hotel in West Hollyood can take 1-2 hours depending on traffic yet the actual distance is under 10 miles.

The reason why traffic is so bad is because it is such an incredibly beautiful area with hills, winding roads, fresh air, the ocean, and well lots of people that want to live there. The food is great and the people in California love organic foods, fresh markets with Wheat Grass (my personal health favorite), and tons of other great stuff.

My friends uncle has a diamond buying outfit in west L.A. where he deals with all of the Los Angeles Clippers players, opponents that are in town as well as the Lakers. Everything about the hills and the surrounding areas are great. Everybody who lives out there knows that life is great and it's the best place to be regardless of the cost of living.

To top this jewel off lets just say Good Day L.A.