Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sohila Zadran

Sohila Zadran is a star studded University of Southern California Student. While attending the prestigious USC she worked with Professor Baudry brought to life the great possibilities in Molecular and cell mechanisms greatly advancing forty plus years worth of research in the field of of learning with relations to science and memory.

Thankfully after only a single attempt to create a new image technique sh was able to showcase actual proof in the activation of Cal-Pain which is a proteolytic enzyme that is essential to what affects memorizing things in the brain. 

With only a single attempt from a bright young student ( Sohila Zadran linked in profile: the university Professor Baudry's hypothesis that he had been working on for nearly 3 decades was proven and supported all thanks to one tenacious individual.

Sohila Zadran
USC - Sohila Zadran