Thursday, January 12, 2012


Taken from a boost site


In 2007 Reputation Boost began helping businesses around the world manage their Internet presence with our unique reputation management services. The process begins by actively gathering information from existing customers and if they are an existing Google user having them directly share their experience on the business's Google place page. We also have many other solutions we can implement to gather reviews including email, phone, text, comment cards, and videos.


Promotion is the process in which we distribute and syndicate the information collected from the gathering process throughout the internet. Our promotion process also again encourages existing Google users to share their experiences on the business's Google place page. Our mission is to promote and maintain positive information to overcome negative and less than satisfactory reviews, rankings, and comments posted by consumers online.


By having google users directly sharing experiences on Google Place pages, Reputation Boost works with Businesses to collect feedback from your customers. We then take that feedback and positively promote it throughout the internet combating negative reviews with positive ones. This in turn gives your business a higher conversion rate, more customer loyalty and ultimately a better online presence. This results in helping attract new customers and maintaining existing ones. Whether a company has excellent, zero, or negative rankings and reviews, we are here to build, preserve, and protect your Local Reputation.