Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Superior Marketing Group

Well when it comes to really making a mark and standing out from the crowd I must give Kudos where they are certainly due and today I recognize one firm that I had the pleasure of speaking with out of Phoenix, AZ who goes by the name of Superior Marketing Group who really did an amazing job of teaching me some really cool intrinsic advertising methods.

These ideas where things that I would have never consciously thought about because its really superior marketing at it's finest (hence the name) some of the really cool things that they were able to teach me was that in something as simple as a group of billboards on a well traveled highway can have an enormous impact if you are promoting a product say, Soda for this example.

The first billboard may have a pretty girl saying "its hot down here in Phoenix I could really go for a Soda", the next ad a few miles down the road may say "Still thirsty because this sun is hot and you haven't stopped yet?", the following one may say "I was thirsty at one time before I stopped for soda name", and finally the closer says "Stop now for a soda at the next exit and you'll be entered to win a free enter prize name here".

See how it was an initial attention grabber, the lead, followed by bonding, desire, and a call to action to get off of the highway and grab something to drink. Thanks so much superior marketing group for teaching me these really cool things.