Friday, August 12, 2011

MLB Plays of the Week

Just Short of Wild Card, Rays Stand to Yield Significant Payout

If the Tampa Bay Rays hope to factor into the American League wild card conversation this September
they’ll have to gain ground on the incumbent New York Yankees, who currently hold the spot just
behind the first-place Boston Red Sox.

From Friday to Saturday the Bronx Bombers will host the Rays at Yankee Stadium and the hometown
team will be looking to strengthen their grip on second, perhaps even make a move for first.

Tampa Bay, who badly need to come out on top in order to stay relevant down the playoff stretch, are
looking for their third postseason berth in four years after going 10 years without one upon their 1998

According to Bodog’s online sportsbook, the Tampa Bay outlook is grim. The Rays have just 125/1 odds
to win the World Series, no doubt due to the fact that both the Yankees and Red Sox have looked so
strong in 2011.

The Yankees have 6/1 odds of winning the World Series. The Red Sox have 13/4.

If the Rays can make noise in August and September, potentially even threatening for the AL’s wild card
berth, they could pay out significantly.

Might the odds shift dramatically after this series if the Rays can stick it to the second-place Yankees
over the weekend?